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Loving yourself daily: Learning to forgive your actions

on March 24, 2014

Irate text messages, explosive reactions, forgotten responsibility or worse – we have all made mistakes.

No matter the severity, it’s imperative that we let go and move on. Forgetting the past will allow you to move peacefully into the future.

Your inner critic helps the mind to grow, change and flourish. However, that same critic can sometimes be the toughest. Do not keep yourself from happiness because of prior actions. Need help getting started? Try these ideas:

1. Physically get rid of it

Gather everything that reminds you of what you’re trying to forget and forgive, and trash it forever. Delete the text messages, burn the photos, or edit your friends list on social media. Small, perhaps petty things like this will ease moving on.

2. Define yourself

Decide which morals and values you want to live by from today on. Leave the past in the past, and move on to tomorrow with those in mind.

3. Consider your mistakes a learning experience

Stop beating yourself over previous events. Read between the lines and understand the lesson instead of dwelling on the negative.

4. Accept yourself, flaws and all

The sooner you learn to embrace self-love, the sooner you will be able to forgive and accept yourself. If not, that inner critic will continue to nitpick at the little things including your regrets.

5. Do something for you

Once you’ve made the decision to move on from your mistakes, go out and do something that you love. Stop punishing yourself. Accept the consequences of your actions, and leave it behind.


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