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5 all-natural tips to stay focused

on October 18, 2013

As a writer, I have to be completely focused to do my very best work. I’m distracted easily, which makes doing so difficult.

I feel great after pumping out a quality piece that I can say I’m proud of, but getting to that point isn’t as easy. In the past I’ve avoided my to-do list, which only makes my anxieties worsen. 

I’m really trying to change that.

Here are five tips I’m trying myself to concentrate on the task at hand.

100_4026-300x2251. Remove all distractions

If you know you’re easily distracted by your Facebook feed or Tumblr dashboard, eliminate the ability to do so. If you are only able to write by typing (guilty) there are downloadable applications to make it physically impossible to wander off task.  Once installed, websites can then be blocked for an amount of time of your choosing. Taking a Twitter break for five minutes can easily turn into five hours, and you’re left with a blank page and wasted time (also guilty).  Take the time to rid your space of distractions.  I promise you’ll live.

2. Set up a workspace tumblr_meq5chVyy91qb83abo1_500

Set up a quiet, comfortable spot that can be dedicated to working only.  Keep only what you need to complete tasks – nothing else.  This will clear your mind and put you in the right mindset.  Give everything a place (and make sure it’s returned). Hang something near for inspiration – words, quotes, photos, etc. My roommate keeps a baby picture of herself near her desk as a reminder that her life is still as precious as it was and to nurture herself into adult hood.  If you care about yourself, you will care about your work and anything with your name on it. 

3. 5 more minutes…

Before starting anything, I plan how long I’ll spend at my workspace focused on it.  If I plan to do nothing but write for two hours, I won’t stop until those two hours pass.  If anything, this forces me to get it done.  If you’re feeling restless, plan to put in quality work for a few more minutes and come back to it later. 


4. Take a break

As long as you actually return to your task, taking a break is absolutely reasonable. Take a walk, make a meal, watch TV, or call a friend. Looking at your task with fresh eyes can give your work the different prospective that it needs. 

5. Plan a reward/incentive

Placing a reward at the end of the road will make you work harder to get there. Knowing that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel will give you the motivation to finish.  It can be anything you enjoy – a long relaxing shower, a night out, time with your loved ones, or even a nap. 


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