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Food that make you happy

on September 30, 2013

Chic Ladies

Want to be happier? Who said that food does not make you happy? This is food that makes you smile more often.

berriesBerries -are considered perfectly natural  remedies for your emotional health.Rich in powerful antioxidants and vitamins to combat stress and depression.





Chocolate – especially the dark, is a powerful natural antidepressant. Reduces apathy and anxiety due to high content of antioxidants and nutrients that improve mood quickly.


Almonds – are considered foods that contribute most to improving mental tone. Contain zinc, iron and omega 3 fatty acids, which fight fatigue and energize the body.

red-wine-pouringRed wine – it seems that red wine, in moderation, can have spectacular effects in banishing depression and anxiety that often struggle to beat you. A glass of wine, eaten occasionally help prevent and treat heart disease or stomach.


Whole Grains – whether you eat at breakfast or as you eat bakery…

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